The Differences Between Medium Duty Towing and Light Duty Towing Services

tow truck Gainesville VADid you know that tow trucks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes? Varying tow trucks provide services for all types of vehicles, and it is important to find the best tow truck for your specific need and purpose. When you are looking for a towing service, you should research different towing companies to find the company with the truck and experienced tow truck operator for your project. In order to do this, you should have a basic understanding of various tow truck options.

Tow trucks are available in three basic varieties; light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. Heavy-duty trucks are reserved for large vehicles and machinery, such as semi-trucks and trailers, buses, motorhomes, construction equipment, and other extremely large and/or heavy machinery.

Light-duty and medium-duty tow trucks are more common for smaller vehicles, and deciphering between these options will help you locate the best tow truck company for your particular purpose. When you need a towing service, it is important to do a little research to find the towing company that will suit your needs. You might want to compare their tow truck drivers’ availability, prices, experience, and certifications.

Light-duty tow trucks can tow vehicles up to around 12,000 pounds. This category includes most compact cars, sedans, small pickup trucks, motorcycles, and other machinery that is comparable. Light-duty tow truck drivers are equipped with the right vehicle and tools to hoist the towed car onto the flatbed or up on the ramp and transport it from one point to another.

Medium-duty tow trucks can tow larger vehicles that weigh up to around 17,000 pounds. These vehicles may include large pickup trucks, small motorhomes, compact buses, SUVs, and some commercial vehicles, too. Typically, a medium-duty tow truck service will be a little more expensive and time-consuming than a light-duty towing service. This is also true with a heavy-duty towing service versus a light or medium-duty towing service; the larger the towed vehicle, the more complicated and expensive the service may be for the consumer.

towing service Gainesville VALight-duty tow trucks are smaller in size and are easier to maneuver through city traffic and tight roads. The larger the tow truck becomes, the more challenging it is to handle, especially when a large vehicle is attached to the tow truck. Another thing to consider is the training and experience of the tow truck driver, depending on the type of tow truck used for the service. An example may be that heavy-duty tow truck drivers require more training and certifications than the driver of a light-duty or medium-duty tow truck.

When you are looking for a towing service for your vehicle, it is important to complete some research on the type of towing service you need for the particular situation. Whether you need a light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty towing service will depend on the size of the vehicle, the distance the vehicle needs to be transported, and the situation at hand.