Tow Trucks Falls Church Virginia

tow truck Falls Church VirginiaAs one of the top towing services in and around Falls Church, VA, the Action Towing team has long been the go-to option for tow trucks in Falls Church for years. Our team of experts have been providing towing and roadside assistance services since we first opened our doors, and whether you are looking for a tow or something else, we have you covered. So, let’s take a little more in-depth look at our fleet and how Action Towing can deliver a better towing experience in and around Falls Church.

Our Fleet Commitment

When we opened our doors, the Action Towing team decided it was time to change the towing industry for the better. Our team decided that we would take the time and energy to embrace technology and take care of our trucks. That is why we are proud to say that our trucks are entirely up to date in terms of maintenance, and all of our tools on board are maintained and checked more than the manufacturer’s specs.

Our Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

tow truck Falls Church VAWe have one of the top fleets in the state, and whether you are a charter bus or a big rig, the Action Towing team has heavy duty tow trucks that can help. We are proud to have two heavy duty tow trucks in our fleet that can provide towing assistance throughout our service area. With our excellent response time and one of the top service standards in the state, you will be hard-pressed to find a better towing option for large vehicles in Falls Church, VA.

Our Flatbed Tow Trucks

Over the years, flatbed tow trucks have quickly become the go-to option for light duty towing and other associated services. Flatbed tow trucks have a ton of advantages, including the ability to get into tight spaces and towing vehicles without the need to drag them behind the tow truck. Whether you are looking for accident recovery, long distance towing or anything else, our flatbed tow truck fleet covers you from bumper to bumper.

Our Wheel Lift Trucks

towing service Falls Church VirginiaWheel lift trucks have long been the first choice for towing companies due to their relatively low running costs and ability to pick up vehicles quickly. Our wheel lift trucks are our fleet’s workhorses and can provide various services. We usually use our wheel lift trucks for any of our light duty and medium duty services, including parking lot enforcement, emergency towing and a host of other services.

Whether you are looking for a towing service or need a tow truck in Falls Church, the Action Towing team covers you from pick up to drop off. With one of the top fleets in the state and more than a dozen tow trucks for our Falls Church operations, you will be hard-pressed to find a better towing option in or around Falls Church, VA. So, give us a call today and experience a better towing service that is here to serve you and the entire community of Falls Church with genuinely great towing.