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Towing Services in Springfield, VA.

As one of the region’s leading towing companies, the Action Towing team proudly serves and calls the fantastic Springfield, VA, community home. For years, our tow truck fleet has been up and down this growing community’s streets, highways, and by-ways. Whether you are looking for towing or roadside assistance services, our tow truck fleet has always been there for you. So, if you want to learn more about our services or simply want to learn more about the great team at Action Towing, take a look below.

Our Fleet

We are proud to have one of the largest fleets in the state and can handle various vehicles. We have heavy, medium, and light duty tow trucks that can tow everything from a charter bus to a Honda Civic. So, if you are looking for a tow in or around Springfield, VA, look no further than the great people at Action Towing.

Our Service Area

As a Springfield, VA-based company, it should be no surprise that we cover a wide net for towing and roadside assistance services. We may call Springfield home, but we also can cover the following communities for all their towing needs: Lorton, VA; Burke, VA; Franconia, VA; Annandale, VA; Alexandria, VA; Lincolnia, VA; and Newington, VA.

Our Commitment

The team at Action Towing is looking to make towing simple. We offer detailed invoices and accept all major credit cards and cash. So, no matter how you want to pay, it can be done on your terms. Stop settling for second-rate or dishonest tows, and work with a towing company that values your time and money!

Towing Services in Springfield, VA

For all of our towing services, the team at Action Towing is proud to offer 24/7 emergency towing services to all our clients. Here are a few towing services we provide in and around Springfield.

Heavy Duty Towing

Whether you are looking to move a charter bus or need an emergency tow for your 18-wheeler, the team at Action Towing has you covered. Our tow truck fleet has provided a cost-effective and timely heavy duty towing service in our community for years. So, whether you need to head back to your yard or a trusted heavy duty mechanic, our team has you covered. 

Medium Duty Towing

As one of the top towing options in the state, our medium duty towing services are one of our most popular. Not only can we get to your broken-down truck or van quickly, but we will also be able to provide a towing service that does not break the bank. Really, a win-win in the medium duty towing niche. 

Light Duty Towing

One of our favorite towing services we offer, our light duty towing service, is rapid, cheap, and the oldest service we offer. Our fleet of flatbed light duty tow trucks makes the service a breeze to deliver, and we can pick up and drop off vehicles in pretty much any area. So, if you want to move your typical car, call the experts at Action Towing, and see why so many in Springfield, VA, have trusted our team for all their light duty towing needs. 

Accident Recovery

If you are dealing with an accident, you will need to make sure everyone is ok, and then you should call the experts at Action Towing. Our team has been dealing with accident scenes for years and knows how to deal with the police, insurance, and auto body shops with ease. So, while you focus on getting healthy, we can deal with the paperwork and get you back on the road in no time.

Long Distance Towing Services

With a fleet of flatbed tow trucks, you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal on long distance towing. Our team has been the local go-to for county and state-wide towing at a bargain. Whether you are looking to ship a car to another dealership or need your new ride moved, let the experts at Action Towing handle the logistics, and you can relax. 

Equipment Hauling

With years of experience and some of the best flat rates in the state, it should come as no surprise that the team at Action Towing has been a popular choice for equipment hauling in and around Springfield. Our equipment hauling services will work around your schedule and help clear out any logistical headaches from renting trucks or other options. Whether you need a piece of paving equipment moved across the city at 2 am or need a new lawn mower to your site in the morning, the team at Action Towing have you covered.

Parking Enforcement

Our parking enforcement service is one of our newer services but is gaining popularity. We offer two distinct styles. First, we have a forward-looking service where our tow trucks will patrol your parking lot looking for vehicles that have broken the rules and remove them. Our other option is a passive service where the team at Action Towing is on-demand and can tow at your leisure.

Specialty Towing Services

Whether you are looking to tow a motorcycle, classic car or something that is a little odd, the team at Action Towing has you covered. Our specialist towing services are some of the best in the state, and with our large fleet, we can work around your timetable to make the service work for you. Plus, with our experienced drivers on the service, you can be assured your asset will arrive without so much as a scratch on it.

Junk Car Removal

If you want to remove a junk car in Springfield, VA, look no further than Action Towing. Our cash-for-junk car removal program is one of the best in the state and will provide you with cold hard cash on-site when we remove your car. Plus, with our free towing as part of the service, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option to get rid of that junker! 

Roadside Assistance

If you are looking for roadside assistance services in and around Springfield, VA, look no further than the great people at Action Towing! Here are a few of the roadside assistance services we offer. 

Lockout Services

Dealing with a lockout is never fun. However, if you are dealing with one, make sure that you call the experts at Action Towing. Our team can use our tried and tested balloon method to ensure you can get into your car quickly. Plus, this method is not tough on your vehicle and will not leave any scratches, dents, or damage. 

Jump Start Services

If you are dealing with a dead battery in Springfield, VA, then it is time to call the experts at Action Towing. Our team is well-versed in jumping vehicles and will have you up and running in no time. All of our tow trucks come with a powerful battery booster designed to work with almost any car battery on the market. Our drivers are trained on the kit and can ensure that your battery is appropriately jumped and warmed up so you can quickly get to your destination. 

Gas Delivery Services

As one of the top gas delivery services in Springfield, VA, the team at Action Towing loves providing this service. Unlike the other guys, we are not about overcharging you for delivery. Instead, when you call our team, you will pay the market price for the gas and a small surcharge for the delivery. That is it, and we make it so simple with our easy-to-understand invoices. So, if you are stuck on the side of the road and need some gas, skip the walk, and instead call the experts at Action Towing! 

Tire Change Services

Blowing a tire or dealing with a flat is never a fun experience. However, those in the know call the experts at Action Towing. We have been providing our tire change service for years and can get you back on the road in minutes. Although we will not break any tire change records at the local track, our drivers will complete the service safely and quickly. So, no matter if you are at home or anywhere else, the team at Action Towing can get you back on the road with a new or used tire. 

So, whether you are looking for a tow or need some assistance on the side of the road, the team at Action Towing has you covered. Our tow truck drivers have been assisting, towing, and recovering vehicles throughout our great state for generations. With years of experience behind the wheel, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tow truck company to work with here in Springfield. So, call or click today, and experience the difference a quality tow truck company can make on your next tow or roadside assistance service in or around Springfield! 

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