Centreville Tow Truck

action towing CentrevilleAs one of the leading towing services in the state of Virginia, the team at Action Towing knows that a towing service is only as strong as the tow trucks it has within it. That is why we have spent the time and money to invest in our tow trucks in Centreville and provide our clients with a full-service towing option that will deliver. Action Towing provides our clients with valuable and excellent services, from towing to roadside assistance.

Our Fleet

Before we get into the specifics, we should chat more about our fleet. Currently, we have fifteen tow trucks capable of handling everything from a charter bus to a Prius. Unlike others in the industry, we work with local mechanics to ensure all of our tow trucks keep to maintenance schedules and can be in the field when needed. We also provide that all of our tech and gear is checked regularly and pulled from the field in case of damage or other issues. Long story short, if you call the experts at Action Towing, you are getting well-maintained and safe tow trucks for your service.

Our Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Tow Truck Centreville VirginiaAs one of the top towing companies in the region, we are proud to run two heavy duty tow trucks in our fleet. Not every towing company has invested in buying these expensive machines, but we thought it was to support our clients who haul people and things for a living. Our heavy duty tow trucks can easily tow RVs, tractor-trailers, trailers and charter buses. So, no matter what you drive for a living, the Action Towing team can help.

Our Flatbed Tow Trucks

Our flatbed tow trucks in Centreville are quickly turning into the workhorses for our fleet. Flatbeds have a ton of benefits, including being able to work around tight spaces and provide the type of services that we wanted to showcase. Whether you are looking to move a vehicle across the state, are dealing with an accident or simply need to move your car to the mechanics, the Action Towing fleet of flatbed tow trucks is here for you.

Our Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Tow Truck CentrevilleKnown for their versatility and relatively low running cost, wheel lift trucks have long been used in the towing industry for various services. They provide an easy-to-hook-up tow truck that can give long distance and short tows with ease. Our wheel lift trucks are principally used for light duty towing services and other ad hoc towing where needed.

Whether you are looking for a tow for your RV or SUV, the Action Towing team has the fleet that can help. We have been helping citizens, businesses and independent contractors for years and can provide the 24/7 towing service support you are looking for in and around Centreville. From morning to a 3 am tow, our fleet is ready and can be dispatched where you need us. Call us today and experience the difference a quality tow truck fleet can make on your next towing service.