The Dangers of DIY Towing

towing service SpringfieldTowing can be a high-risk activity that requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Sometimes, the need to move a vehicle arises unexpectedly, and it can be tempting to attempt a DIY tow job, especially in the case of short distances. However, DIY towing poses significant risks that may lead to costly accidents and even bodily injuries. In this blog, we highlight the dangers of DIY towing and why it is essential to hire a professional towing service provider.

First, please understand that towing requires specialized equipment and tools, including tow trucks, hitches, and straps. Tow trucks are designed to shift the weight of a vehicle safely and securely. They come in various sizes and configurations depending on the vehicle being towed. A professional towing service provider has all the necessary equipment to tow all types of vehicles.

Moreover, tow truck operators receive rigorous training and towing experience. They are equipped with the technical know-how to tow all vehicle makes and models safely. Their knowledge of towing standards and protocols helps to avoid potential accidents while minimizing risks. For instance, a tow truck operator knows that when towing, the vehicle being towed should not exceed the weight of the tow truck, or else the tow truck‘s suspension may fail, causing an accident.

DIY towing involves improvising with inappropriate tools, such as using chains instead of tow straps to pull a car, which significantly increases the risk of damage to the vehicle being towed. It is also common for many car owners to overlook aspects such as the weight limits and loading configurations, which can cause the car to tip over or tilt off the mount.

DIY towing often loses control of the towed vehicle. When attempting to tow a vehicle without the proper skills, it is easy to lose control and cause an accident. A slight loss of control can cause the towed vehicle to collide with other vehicles or even pedestrians. In addition, when the towing vehicle is not powerful enough to tow the car being towed, the towed vehicle can become unstable, leading to fishtailing, and causing huge accidents.

Consider that most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by DIY towing. In accidents caused by a DIY tow job, the car owner risks footing the entire bill, including damages to both the towed and the towing vehicle plus any third-party losses or injuries that might occur.

While DIY towing might seem like an easy-to-perform task, it poses significant risks and can lead to costly accidents and loss of lives. Professional towing service providers have the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience needed to tow vehicles safely and effectively.

Towing is a highly specialized task that requires adherence to safety standards and protocols and is best left to the professionals. If you find yourself in a situation that requires towing, call a professional towing company. That might be a very important call that could save you from serious accidents, injuries, and most certainly incurring costly damages.