The Importance of Having a Towing Plan for Long-Term Parking

towing service Gainesville VirginiaLong-term parking can be very useful for some people. Places such as airports, office buildings, and private parking lots can be places to park your vehicle when you are traveling or unavailable for some reason. Although long-term parking can be practical for many, some people abuse the terms of long-term parking lots, and owners or operators have to figure out what to do with cars that are never moved.

If you are in charge of a long-term parking lot, then it is beneficial to decide about a towing service before the need arises to actually have a car or two towed. Towing a vehicle out of a long-term parking area can be a little tricky. You should have documentation regarding how long the vehicle has been abandoned and samples of the many ways you have tried to contact or alert the driver of the vehicle. Most long-term parking lots have signs posted about the terms of parking in the area. You may have a limit of 24 hours, a week, or some other time limit. Through the use of cameras, gated parking areas, time stamp machines, or routine checks by parking lot personnel, you should have some idea of how long a car has been parked in any specific spot.

towing service ViennaOnce you have determined that a car has been abandoned or has over welcomed its stay in the parking lot, then you will need to find a tow truck driver to come and remove the vehicle. A professional tow truck driver will have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to tow a vehicle without the consent of the owner or without easy access to the interior of the automobile. It is imperative that you find a towing service that has plenty of experience with this type of car removal, offers affordable rates, and has a destination in mind for placing the removed vehicle. Quite often, private parking lots or government-owned facilities are sites where towed cars are placed until the owner of the vehicle returns to claim the car.

If you are the car owner and you have returned to the long-term parking lot only to find that your car has been removed, you should be able to find a sign or employee in the lot that offers suggestions regarding the location of your vehicle and the process needed to retrieve the car. A fee will probably be involved, since someone has to pay for the towing service, but your vehicle should be safe and sound in a remote destination.

Long-term parking can be a useful resource for many people. A number of factors can contribute to the reason a car owner cannot return to retrieve their vehicle in a timely manner. Although having a car towed to another location is bothersome, it is typically the best thing for the parking lot owner and sometimes for the vehicle owner, too. The main thing to consider for the parking lot owner and the vehicle owner is to not panic and work through the details as calmly as possible.