Sterling, Virginia, Coffee Shops

Cup of coffee Sterling VirginiaSome people enjoy coffee for what it is, a typically caffeinated drink that tastes pretty good, complements your meal and gives you a boost of energy to tackle whatever lies ahead of you. Other people use coffee to encourage get-togethers with friends, colleagues, or family members. You know, when people say, “Let’s get together and talk over a cup of coffee.”

Whatever purpose coffee plays in your life, it is undoubtable that many people across the world enjoy coffee every day for some reason or another. As a resident or visitor in the Sterling, Virginia, community, you may be delighted to learn there are many coffee shops in the area. People can find a nice place to sit and work while they savor a cup of coffee or a drive-thru coffee spot that lets you grab your “cup of Joe” on the run. Below is a list of a few local coffee venues that may catch your attention. Of course, you will be able to find a Starbucks or a McDonald’s in the area for your daily cup of coffee, but you will also be able to locate other coffee destinations, too.          

Cup of tea Sterling Virginia

-Ridgetop Coffee and Tea: Located on Ridgetop Circle, this highly-rated venue has something to offer to people of all ages. Team members at Ridgetop pride themselves on providing top-quality service and delicious drinks and menu items. Indoor and outdoor seating is available for guests, and the shop is spacious for people who want to stay for a while to work or socialize. A meeting room is available for anyone who wants to reserve the area for meetings or get-togethers. A play area is also available for the young ones. Menu items include hot and cold coffee drinks and teas, baked items from local bakeries, and breakfast and lunch menu dishes, too.

            -DRNK coffee + tea: This quaint coffee shop is located at Cascades Overlook Town Center and is open seven days a week. Coffee enthusiasts strive to provide good service and use high-quality ingredients at DRNK. Menu items include hot and cold coffees and teas, breakfast menu items, and lunch dishes, such as salads, wraps, and paninis. DRNK is a fun and inviting shop that welcomes people of all ages.

            -Qahwa Café: This youthful coffee shop is located in the ADAMS Center and has been in business since 2021. Visitors are welcome seven days a week, and you will find coffee drinks, teas, lemonade, hot chocolate, and many other delicious beverages on the menu.

            -The Human Bean: If you are interested in a drive-thru shop that offers fast and friendly service, then you may want to stop by The Human Bean, which is located on Railcar Drive. This growing chain coffee shop is open seven days a week. There is no indoor seating, but you can count on a scrumptious cup of coffee as you pick up your coffee to go. Coffee, tea, smoothies, and many other beverages fill the menu of this delightful option.