Falls Church Attractions

Cherry Hill Farm Falls Church VirginiaThe City of Falls Church is a small and quaint community that offers a rich history, beautiful scenery, a wealth of activities, and a welcoming atmosphere. Situated just a few miles west of Washington, DC, the residents of Falls Church enjoy easy access to our nation’s capital, as well as to many other interesting communities throughout the northern Virginia region. Approximately 15,000 residents live in Falls Church, VA, and many more people visit the area annually. 

When you are in the Falls Church area, you may want to stop by the Historic Falls Church, the structure the city was named after many years ago. The Falls Church is an Episcopal Church that derived its name from its location near the falls along the Potomac River. Founded in 1734, this site was once the church of President George Washington. The brick building that is still open today was constructed in 1769 and is an iconic structure to visit when you are in the region.

The Cherry Hill Farmhouse is another local treasure that many visitors like to see when they are exploring the Falls Church region. This historical museum is open to the public, and guests can enjoy a property tour during specific hours. Built in 1845, this 73-acre farm offers a look into the history of wealthy landowners from many years ago. The farmhouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an interesting place to visit anytime.

If shopping interests you, you may want to visit Eden Center. Eden Center is well-known as the largest Vietnamese shopping district along the East Coast. The center is open every day of the week, and guests can peruse various dining and retail stores throughout the area. You will find many specialty items and unique finds while looking through Eden Center.

The Falls Church community and the surrounding region are also known for the many parks and outdoor recreational venues in the area. The City of Falls Church Recreation & Parks Center is a wonderful addition to the community. People of all ages can find programs or classes of interest at the center, and they also offer a variety of summer camps for young ones and teens.

Additionally, you will find a wide array of local parks around the region to explore and enjoy throughout the year. For example, Cherry Hill Park is a great place to take the kids and let them play on the playground equipment. There are many eateries nearby, which makes this park a nice place to take your food and enjoy a picnic, too. Cavalier Trail Park is another popular place. This park offers tennis courts, a basketball court, playground equipment, a designated hiking trail, and more.

The City of Falls Church is a delightful place to live in or visit. The community is welcoming, diverse, and filled with many interesting places to visit and things to explore. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you should not have any problem finishing activities that interest you during all seasons of the year.