3 Day Trip Ideas From Fairfax

Washington DC from FairfaxIf you live in Fairfax, then you know the many things that make Fairfax a special place to spend your time. The city is rich in history, outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery, and so many fun things to see and do throughout the year. Many people believe Fairfax is the best place to live in northern Virginia, and the approximate 24,000 residents may just agree with that statement. As a resident of Fairfax, you may be interested to learn about other communities in the region. There are many wonderful sites to explore around Fairfax, and you can easily enjoy a day trip to sightsee and see new sites in the general area.

Of course, Washington, DC, is a major attraction. Located just 20 miles from Fairfax, our nation’s capital is a vibrant, welcoming, and unique place to visit. A day trip can prove to be too little time to spend in DC because there are so many places to explore in the city. You may want to spend a sunny afternoon relaxing and sightseeing along the National Mall. There is always something to see and plenty of activity to enjoy along the Mall area. The Smithsonian Museums offer something for everyone and are a true gem to explore anytime. Washington is also full of monuments, landmarks, tours, theaters, great restaurants, and many other places to check out during your time in the city.

Manassas_BattleFieldIf you want to learn more about American history, then you may want to travel west of Fairfax and explore the city of Manassas, Virginia. Many visitors delve into Civil War history as they meander through the Manassas National Battlefield Park. The Manassas Museum also provides a look into the area’s past and is located in Old Town Manassas, which is a nice, walkable place to enjoy your day. Since Manassas is about 15 miles from the city of Fairfax, it proves to be a good day trip for residents in the area.

Annapolis from FairfaxAnother beautiful city in the region is Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is about 55 miles northeast of Fairfax. Old Town Annapolis is a wonderful area to explore but is especially attractive on a pretty day since much of your time can be spent outside. The Maryland State House is an iconic building to see, and you can stroll through the many shops and eateries in Old Town Annapolis, too. The United States Naval Academy is located in the city and offers several monuments to explore, as well as the U.S. Naval Academy Museum.

Fairfax is certainly a special place to live in or visit, and it is a bonus that the city is also located near a variety of other interesting and unique cities. Spending a day exploring a new city is always a fun thing to do, especially in an area that is filled with history, outdoor recreational activities, good food options, and shopping, too. You have many day trips to choose from in the region, and you may decide to pick certain destinations based on weather, special events, or personal interests, too.

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