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If you’re in an accident, you need a tow truck service you can trust. call Action Towing, the best towing services in Dumfries.

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Towing Service Dumfries

When you are looking for towing services or roadside assistance services in the great community of Dumfries, VA, the only team you need to know is Action Towing. Our fleet of tow trucks have been serving this community for generations and can provide you with the towing services that you need when you need it. No more waiting on hold for hours on end, as with Action Towing you will enjoy a tow on your schedule. So, if you are tired of dealing with AAA and need some help on the side of the road, now is the time to call the certified experts in all things towing in Dumfries, VA and only at Action Towing.

Our Fleet

As one of the top towing options in the region, it should come as no surprise that the team at Action Towing has one of the top towing fleets in the region. We have invested wisely over the years, and today, Action Towing has a large and capable fleet that can assist where you need it. We have light duty tow trucks to provide towing service to consumer vehicles and handle the vast majority of our other towing and roadside assistance services. While our medium duty tow trucks handle cube vans and work trucks with ease. Finally, our heavy duty tow trucks deal with the big rigs that haul people and goods. We may have started with just a single light duty tow truck, but today, Action Towing is a capable towing company that rivals the big city towing companies in terms of equipment and response time.

Our People

Although we love our gear, the Action Towing team would be nowhere if it was not for our people. We employ some of the top dispatchers and drivers in the state, and yes, we are a little biased, but we honestly believe that. Our dispatchers get on-the-job and off-the-job training to deal with difficult situations and ease tensions over the phone. At the same time, our drivers have years behind the wheel with thousands of miles as tow truck drivers. They have seen it all and can work with you to provide a towing service that delivers. So, if you are tired of dealing with second-rate towing, then it is time you chatted with Action Towing and enjoyed a tow for the first time.

Our Service Area

Although we call Dumfries, VA home, we also cover the following communities for all of our towing and roadside assistance services: Triangle, VA, Quantico, VA, Woodbridge, VA, Stafford, VA, Dale City, VA, Southbridge, VA, Montclair, VA and Minnieville, VA.

Our Towing Services

We are so proud to provide various towing services for our clients. From specialized towing to parking lot enforcement and everything in between, the Action Towing team is here for you. We offer a few towing services in Dumfries, VA and beyond all with 24/7 emergency services. 

Heavy Duty Towing

As one of the region’s only heavy duty tow truck options, the Action Towing team is here for you. Our big rigs have hauled thousands of trucks and buses over the years, and we are here to support them. With our fantastic response times and even better pricing, Action Towing delivers a second-to-none heavy-duty tow truck experience. Whether you need to return to your yard or a mechanic, we have you covered in Dumfries, VA and beyond.

Medium Duty Towing

Medium duty towing is one of our top ranked services, and for good reason, we love supporting fleets up and down Virginia. Our medium duty towing services can be considered for fleet support and ad hoc towing. From box trucks to work vans and anything else, our fleet of medium duty tow trucks will get you back on the road in no time. Do you know what the best part is? When you call the experts at Action Towing, we will answer the phone and dispatch a vehicle asap. That is our guarantee for every single one of our clients.

Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing has been one of our favorite services for years. We can provide this service with ease and will ensure that your car, truck or SUV can get back to the dealership, mechanics, or anywhere else you may need to get to quickly. The best part of working with Action Towing is you will not have to pay a lot for this common service!

Long Distance Towing

Our flatbed tow trucks are the perfect option for those looking to haul long-distance. We have worked with local dealerships and private buyers to provide a transportation option that works for you. With customizable and flexible scheduling, Action Towing has you covered for all of your long-distance towing needs.

Equipment Hauling

If you want to move equipment around our great city, chat with Action Towing. Landscapers, pavers and construction companies have long used our tow trucks to provide easy and cost-effective equipment moving services. From moving a mower to a new site to getting a new piece of equipment from DC, our tow trucks make equipment moving a breeze.

Specialty Towing

As veterans of the towing industry, Action Towing knows that no two tows are the same. From towing an RV to a motorcycle and even EV, our team knows how to work with you to ensure your tow is flawless. We will dispatch the right vehicle and ensure you have all the information before we hook up. So, if you want to move something strange or special to you, call the experts at Action Towing. Parking lot enforcement in Dumfries, VA

Parking Lot Enforcement

Parking lot enforcement is a skill, and for Action Towing, it is a skill that we have honed over the years. Our team can provide your residential or commercial parking lot with passive or active parking lot enforcement with ease. Our passive parking lot enforcement will allow you to call in issue vehicles, and our trucks will have them removed within the hour. In comparison, our active solution will allow our trucks to patrol and remove issued vehicles. No matter your preference, our team has you covered.

Junk Car Removal

A beater is nothing short of an eyesore; we want to help. Our junk car removal services are some of the best in the state and will provide you with the flexibility to get rid of your beater for cash. If you are tired of looking at the rusted-out junk in your garage and are looking for cash, call Action Towing, and we will take care of the tow!

Our Roadside Assistance Services

As one of the top towing companies in the region, the Action Towing team is proud to provide roadside assistance services that make a genuine difference. We will work with you to ensure that your vehicle can get back on the road in no time, and the best part, we are not going to charge an arm and a leg for the service. Here is a little more about the roadside assistance services we offer at Action Towing.

Gas Delivery Service

When you are running low on gas, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a long walk to the gas station. As one of the local leaders in providing gas delivery services, the Action Towing team is here for you. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and you will be glad you gave us a call. With our great rates and even faster service time, Action Towing is Dumfries, VA’s go-to option for gas delivery services.

Jump Start Service

If you want to jump, why not call the local experts at Action Towing. We have equipped all our tow trucks with a powerful battery booster to handle almost any battery. Plus, with our excellent response time and even better pricing, you will be hard-pressed to find a better jump start service in or around Dumfries, VA.

Tire Change Service

When it comes to tire changes, you might not for a better option than Action Towing, Our team of experts have been providing tire change services for years and can assist anywhere you need us. Our drivers are real experts with a tire iron, and whether you are dealing with a flat, blowout or anything else, Action Towing can help. So, call us and see why the experts at Action Towing can deliver a tire change service quicker and better than any other towing option in the region.

Lock Out Service

Are you dealing with a lockout situation? If you are, now is the time to call the experts at Action Towing. We use a tried and tested balloon method to get you back in your car in just a few minutes. With this method, your vehicle will not be damaged; you can simply get up and access your vehicle easily. Call us today to see why Action Towing is your go-to option for lockout needs.

So whether you are looking for towing services or are in need of roadside assistance services, Action Towing is here for you. With our great fleet, amazing people and wide range of towing and roadside assistance services, you will be hard-pressed to find a better towing option in Dumfries. So, if you are tired of working with subpar towing companies and want to work with one of the best in the state, then now is the time to call the experts at Action Towing and finally enjoy a towing service in Virginia! 

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