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Towing Service In Catharpin, VA

As the leading towing company in the greater Catharpin, VA area, the Action Towing team is here for you. Our tow truck fleet has been serving this great community for well over a decade, and whether you are looking for a towing or roadside assistance service, we have you covered. We are so proud to be the local option for towing, and no matter if you are in the country, on the highway or at home, our fleet of tow trucks can help. See below for more information about our company and the services we offer daily in and around Catharpin, VA.

Our Fleet

Action Towing is proud to have one of the largest fleets in the state. We started with just a couple of light duty tow trucks, but today we have a vast fleet that can handle almost any service call throughout the state. We have light duty tow trucks perfect for moving consumer vehicles and completing most of our other towing and roadside assistance services. We also have our medium duty tow trucks, which provide our work trucks and cube vans the towing support they need. Finally, we are also proud to have our heavy duty tow trucks designed to handle all of the big boys in terms of trucks and buses. From charters to 18-wheelers, our fleet can handle it.

Our People

Action Towing has some of the best people in the towing business. We might be slightly biased, but we love our team. Our dispatchers have the experience and expertise to handle various issues. They will ensure you have the support and information you need to ensure excellent towing experience. At the same time, our drivers have years behind the wheel and will provide a first-class customer experience to every client.

Our Service Area

Since our founding, the Action Towing team has been so happy to call the great community of Catharpin, VA home. Our team has long been the go-to option for towing, and we look forward to working with you during your time of need. However, we are not just located in Catharpin. We are proud to provide towing and roadside assistance services in the following communities: Manassas, VA; Gainesville, VA; Haymarket, VA; Centreville, VA; Chantilly, VA; South Riding, VA;  Woolsey, VA and Sudley Springs, VA.

Our Towing Service

Action Towing provides a long list of towing services that will fit your needs throughout our service area. From traditional towing services to specialty towing and everything in between, we cannot wait to work with you on your next tow.

Heavy Duty Towing

If you are looking for heavy duty towing in and around Catharpin, VA, you need to chat with the experts at Action Towing. We have been the local go-to for heavy duty towing, and our fleet of trucks can handle anything from a charter bus to a big rig. Whether you are looking to go back to the yard, heavy duty mechanic or somewhere else, Action Towing has you covered.

Medium Duty Towing

From cube trucks to work vans, the Action Towing team is your go-to option for medium duty towing in Catharpin, VA and beyond. Our team has one of the best response times in the state, and with our amazing prices, you will be hard-pressed to find a better medium duty towing option in or around Catharpin.

Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is a towing service that is close to our heart. Action Towing started providing this service on day one, which is still one of our favorite things. Whether you have a small compact or a fully loaded SUV, our fleet of light duty tow trucks will treat you like royalty with our white glove approach to light duty towing.

Long Distance Towing

Whether in Catharpin, VA or elsewhere, the Action Towing team is your go-to option for long distance towing. Unlike the other guys, we offer our clients a cost-effective and truly amazing long distance package. Not only will Action Towing pick up your vehicle on your schedule, but we will also work with you to find a suitable drop-off time. We offer local, county and state-wide towing options that are fit for any budget.

Equipment Hauling

We have been working with local landscapers, construction crews and paving operations for years to provide the type of equipment-hauling services that work for them. Unlike any other operation, we will work with you to meet your needs. So, the next time you need a paver, mower or anything else moved, you can call the experts at Action Towing to get it done right!

Specialty towing

The Action Towing team has provided specialty towing services in and around Catharpin, VA, from RVs to motorcycles for years. We have the tow trucks to handle these types of tows; no matter the vehicle, we can. So, stop overpaying for specialty towing and call the local experts in Catharpin at Action Towing.

Parking Lot Enforcement

Whether dealing with a residential or commercial property, the Action Towing team is here to assist with all your parking lot enforcement needs. We can provide active or passive enforcement to ensure that your property does not have any issues. With 24/7 towing and a responsive phone line, you will be hard-pressed to find a better parking lot enforcement option in Catharpin, VA.

Junk Car Removal

Are you dealing with a beater and need it removed? If that is the case, you need to call the experts at Action Towing. Our junk car removal services are some of the best in the state, and our team will provide you with a quote over the phone. From a true junker to something barely running, Action Towing will provide you with a market quote and tow it away for free!

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Although we are a towing company, the Action Towing team is proud to provide our clients with a wide range of roadside assistance services. From tire changes to lockouts, the team at Action Towing has you covered a lot faster than AAA can even dream.

Gas Delivery Services

If you are running out of gas in or around Catharpin, VA, then it is about time that you chatted with Action Towing. Our experts have been providing this service for years and will ensure that you can get back on the road in no time. The best part? We do not overcharge for this service and only charge a small fee to cover our time and gas to get there.

Jump Start Services

A dead battery never happens at the best time. For years, Action Towing has been the go-to option for jump start services in Catharpin, VA, and we do not see that changing anytime soon. With our best-in-class battery booster to our customer-first attitude, you will not find a better jump start service in the state of Virginia.

Tire Change Services

Whether you are dealing with a blown tire or a simple flat, the Action Towing team is here for you. We can deliver a new tire or repair your existing one with ease. No, we will not break any pit records, but if you are in Catharpin, VA, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tire change service at our rate.

Lockout Service

A lockout is the worst. There are no two words about it, but with Action Towing, you will at least get back on the road in only a few minutes. We use a tried and tested balloon method to gain access to your vehicle with ease. So, stop waiting around for AAA for hours on end and call the local experts at Action Towing instead.

As you can see, Action Towing is not just another towing company; it is a company that will put you and your vehicle first with best-in-class customer service. Towing has long been dominated by big city companies that only care about the bottom line. However, Action Towing is different. We are a local towing company that has invested in our community and strives to provide cost-effective towing and roadside assistance services that will not leave you broke at the end of the day. So, if you are tired of dealing with overpaying for towing or working with big-city tow truck companies that do not care about you, let’s chat. Action Towing does things differently; whether you are a big rig or a commuter, we are the towing company here for you.

Call the experts at Action Towing today and experience a different kind of towing and roadside assistance experience. One that gives back to the community, puts its customers first, and, most importantly, answers the phone when you call. Let’s work together and see how great a towing experience can be in and around Catharpin, VA.

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Action Towing – Just like that, you and your vehicle are safely where you need to be and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it done.