Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Arlington, VA

kids activities in Arlington VirginiaSo, you have the kids for the day, and you are looking for some fun, interesting things to do with them in and around the Arlington vicinity. You would like to find something to do outside the house and something that will hold their attention and provide a good time for all. Arlington is filled with many things to do for people of all ages. If you are looking for some kid-centered activities, then you will be delighted to know the choices are immense.

You may want to check out the local parks to explore with your child or children. Arlington is filled with many local parks. Many parks offer playground equipment, picnic areas, baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, walking and biking trails, and plenty of open spaces to play the game of your choice. If you Google “parks near me” or “Arlington parks,” you will find a vast array of options in the community.

There are also many nature centers in the area you can enjoy. The Gulf Branch Nature Center & Park is one venue you might want to visit. This site offers a variety of special events, nature hikes, and programs for kids and adults. Many people have referred to this nature center as a local gem for the Arlington community. Visitors can learn about local history, wildlife, and plants at the nature center. Live animals and hands-on activities make this a great place for kids to learn and investigate new things all around them.

If you have several hours to enjoy with the children, you may decide to take them to Arlington National Cemetery. This is a wonderful place to delve into our nation’s history and enjoy the peaceful, beautiful setting of the site. The kids will be amazed at the scenic views of Washington, DC, and they will be in awe of the majestic services around the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Another iconic stop is the Air Force Memorial which is located at 1 Air Force Memorial Drive. This impressive memorial pays tribute to the members of the U.S. Air Force and the history of the organization. Although the monument can be seen from distant venues, there is nothing like seeing it up close and personal.

DC next to Arlington VirginiaOf course, you can also take the kids into Washington, DC, which lies right across the Potomac River from Arlington. Washington, DC, is home to many museums, monuments, and memorials that are free to visitors. You can spend hours in the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, or in any of the other Smithsonian museums, too. You may just want to stroll around the National Mall, the White House area, or around the U.S. Capitol Building.

Arlington, and the surrounding communities, have so much to offer to young children, teenagers, and adults. You can enjoy a variety of activities, such as a simple afternoon in a local park, or something more involved, like a bus tour of Arlington or Washington, DC. With a little imagination and creativity, you will be able to find something for kids of all ages to enjoy on your afternoon together.