Tow Trucks Available in Alexandria Virginia

towing service Alexandria VirginiaAction Towing is a top-rated towing company that offers various towing services to its customers in and around Alexandria, VA. We are proud to have a fleet of 15 tow trucks in Alexandria, including two larger tow trucks for heavy-duty towing and a collection of flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks to accommodate everything else. The company constantly adds more trucks to its fleet to provide customers with the best towing services.

Let’s look at the different types of tow trucks that Action Towing has available to provide its customers with the best possible towing services here in Alexandria, VA

Flatbed Tow Trucks

towing service Alexandria VAFlatbed tow trucks, also known as rollback tow trucks, are a popular type of tow truck used to transport vehicles. These trucks have a flatbed on the back, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered to load and unload vehicles. The flatbed tow truck is ideal for towing cars, motorcycles, and other small vehicles. Flatbed tow trucks are also used to transport equipment such as forklifts, scissor lifts, and small tractors.

Flatbed tow trucks are preferred for their safety features. The flatbed is hydraulically operated, making loading and unloading vehicles easy. The car is secured to the flatbed using straps and chains, ensuring it stays in place during transportation. The flatbed also provides a stable platform for transporting the vehicle, reducing the risk of damage during transportation to your car and the tow truck.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

action towing Arlington VAWheel lift tow trucks are another popular type of tow truck that Action Towing uses to transport vehicles. These trucks have a hydraulic boom with a crossbar at the end. The crossbar is positioned under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle and lifts the car off the ground. The vehicle is then towed with the front or rear wheels off the ground.

Wheel lift tow trucks are ideal for towing smaller vehicles like cars and light trucks. They are also used to tow vehicles parked in tight spaces, such as underground parking lots. Wheel lift tow trucks are faster and more affordable than flatbed tow trucks, making them popular for short-distance towing.

Heavy-duty Tow Trucks

tow truck Alexandria VirginiaAction Towing has two larger tow trucks for heavy-duty towing. These tow trucks are designed to tow large vehicles such as buses, tractor-trailers, and heavy equipment. These trucks have a powerful engines and heavy-duty suspension to handle the weight of large vehicles.

Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with a boom and winch system that can be used to lift heavy vehicles onto the truck bed. The boom can be extended and rotated to reach vehicles in difficult positions. The winch can be used to pull heavy vehicles onto the truck bed.

So whether you are looking for a tow or just want some information, the team at Action Towing is proud to provide tow trucks in Alexandria for all your needs. Give us a call today and enjoy a better towing experience with the experts at Action Towing in and around Alexandria, VA.